Is it Curly hair friendly?- Review on the Amika SuperNova Moisture and Shine Cream

Styling cream

I recently signed up for Boxy Charm and this month I got a primer from Pur Cosmetics, a set of makeup sponges from Luxie, Moda Brushes eyeshadow brushes and a styling cream from Amika.

I was first introduced to the Amika brand on the Sephora app and the packaging caught my eye. I was browsing the app for scalp scrubs since I learned last summer that exfoliation is good for the scalp. I found a cleansing oil and exfoliating shampoo by Amika but didn’t get the chance to try them.

When I received the styling cream in my box this month, I wondered if this product would actually work for my coily hair.  When I went to the brand’s website I was more apprehensive because there was a minimal representation of black women. Another reason why I was hesitant to think this product would work for me is because of the size. It’s a 100ml tube and if the product isn’t moisturizing then it will probably just be good for one wash day, two if I’m lucky.  But I decided to still give the product a try because one of the product claims is definition and frizz control and those are things I really look for in my hair products since I’m still trying to find products that can give me a defined curl. 

A little more background about the Amika brand

The Amika brand is about individuality and self-expression and not conforming to the rules. The packaging is reminiscent of the late ’60s-’70s when the Hippie movement was going on. The brand is also cruelty-free, sulphate and  artificial colours free too. They include this superfruit in all their products called sea buckthorn berry which is good for shininess, smoothness and strength. It isn’t just good for hair but can be digested as well and good for the liver, heart, diabetes and the immune system (take that coronavirus!)

How the Styling Cream worked for me

I used the styler in my hair for a twist out. The consistency wasn’t runny and had a lightweight feel. I really liked that a little bit of this product went a long way. The scent of the product reminded me of a gingerbread cookie. The results of my twist outs were fluffy but still defined. Since it was fluffy, I redid my twists whenever I wanted a more defined look.

This is first day hair of my twist out. This is after I seperated my hair
I decided to go with a high puff and twisted bangs for my style that day.
This is 2 days after my initial twist out. As you can see the defintion I had on day one is minimal.
This is my twist-out done on wet hair. My hair isn’t extremely defined but I don’t mind because I’m getting volume as well.

The Verdict- Is it worth it?

I did like the result of the cream. It gave my hair defintion and volume and the scent of the product wasn’t overbearing. But I don’t think this product is the most reasonably priced for someone with natural hair—a 100ml bottle costs $33. I got about four uses out of the product which didn’t last me a month. Let’s say we compare this styler to a more popular styler, the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie which is on sale right now for $12.96 for 325ml at Walmart. That’s three times the product for less than half of the price. I don’t think this product is meant for curly hair but it did produce good results and I would repurchase it for times that I’m feeling for a very volumized twist out. 

Have you tried anything by Amika and would it be a brand that you’re interested in?

SN: I found the cream on Amazon for $25, so you’d save $10 if your bought it there instead.

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4 thoughts on “Is it Curly hair friendly?- Review on the Amika SuperNova Moisture and Shine Cream

  1. I’ve seen the GLAMTWINZ use Amika’s deep conditioner but I personally haven’t tried it yet. I think any product can be curly hair friendly depending on what ingredients you’re okay with. Personally I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit either lol I also look at the website to see if they have a good representation of black women with diverse curly hair to know if something will work so that prevented me from trying it

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    1. That’s a good way to look at it, I never considered that it’s the ingredients that matter when it comes to how it will work for curly hair. I typically assume that if I don’t see a POC in their ads the product isn’t for curly/coily hair.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah especially since non POC have curly hair too I always just look at the ingredients knowing what works for my hair and what doesn’t and go from there lol it’s definitely a struggle all around sometimes though

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