Salon Quality products at Drugstore Pricing-Review of the Mo Knows Hair Products

Last year, I was super excited to hear that Mo Knows hair was coming out with her own product line. Mo Knows Hair is a pioneer in the Natural Hair industry. I’ve been watching her videos way before I became a natural myself. As a lover of anything informative, Mo has been one of my favs because she talks about hair care but from a scientific point of view. Whenever I got a recommendation from Mo, I had great confidence in her because she studied Hair at Aveda and sis really does know hair! Mo’s hair care line promised a salon feel at home through the high quality ingredients and pleasantly relaxing aroma. 

Here’s a video that I found really helpful by Mo

What hair products did I buy?

I initially bought these products online at Sally’s eventually realizing I bought it from their American store so the prices were in USD. But the hair line is sold in-store in Canada as well. The line had a total of 8 products but I chose to buy the items I was most likely to use. Here is a list of the products I bought from the line and their Canadian prices.

Scalp + Curl Clarifier $14.49

Curl Hydrator Shampoo 15.99

Curl Restoring Treatment 17.39

Curl Smoothing Pudding 17.39

Curl Setting Gel 15.99

So, how did it go?


I was pretty ecstatic when she came out with a clarifier because it’s something that I don’t seem to find in a lot of hair care lines out right now. I thought this was a good thing to have in a line because natural hair tends to use a lot of product and is prone to scalp build up. 

Clarifiers are also good for people who don’t use shampoo and only co-wash, or dont use clarifying shampoos regularly. It goes from an oil like texture to a lather quickly. I have noticed a reduction in my itchy scalp while using this clarifier. I think it is a good step to have in any natural hair regimen because it will help to remove build up throughout the week


The shampoo was the first indication for me that this product line was potent. A little of the shampoo went a long way.The shampoo has this ingredient called marshmallow root which is usually used in conditioners because it provides slip. This probably contributed to my hair not feeling stripped after shampooing

Deep Conditioner

I really liked that this deep conditioner has a balance of protein and moisture because I feel like I’m knocking out two birds with one stone. The protein to help with strengthening my hair and reducing breakage and the moisture to provide nourishment to my strands. Usually my hair has minimal definition after deep conditioning but after my first time using this product, I got a lot of definition. After using this product numerous times, I noticed a difference in my curls. For one they seemed elongated and gave curl bounce back. I also loved that the deep conditioner only has to stay in your hair for maximum 10 minutes. This really helps cut down on the length of wash day. I would recommend that your hair is saturated with water while using this deep conditioner so that it makes it easier to detangle your hair. The deep conditioner was my favourite product in the product line.

Curl Smoothing Pudding

The consistency of this styler felt really light weight on the hair. I used it for a twist-out and as a cream for styling my ponytail. When I used it for a twistout I got a lot of definition and shine. This is the most defined my hair has ever been. 

Comparison between a twist out in February 2020 vs August 2019


I was most apprehensive to buy the gel because gels are the last step of the styling process for me and it has a huge impact on how my hair will look for the rest of the week. I typically go for gels with a strong hold that are good for smoothing but this gel has a light-medium hold. I used the gel for a sleek ponytail and it didn’t make my hair feel hard like eco styler or wetline. I also liked that it had a quick drying time. I would say I still had to go on top of my hair with edge booster just to provide a stronger hold. Also The style was able to last about 2 days which is understandable because of the medium hold. 

This is my usual style of a slick ponytail. I used the Moknows hair gel and edge booster edge control.

Final Verdict

I really liked the Moknows hair line. I think the pricing was pretty good and all the products are good for making a healthy natural hair routine. I noticed that it made my hair look shiny and feel soft. My favourite product from the line is the deep conditioner because I could see over the few weeks how it improved the definition in my hair. I think these products are affordable especially if you catch one of the 4 for $25 sales at Sally’s. I do want to caution you about the fragrance. It’s a pleasant fragrance but really strong. So throughout the week I did get headaches because I am sensitive to fragrance. But other than that, I would recommend the line. 

A stretched twist out using the curl defining cream

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