Beauty Essentials during Quarantine

It’s been 2 months since the world shut down. Quarantine has been a very interesting time and everyone has been dealing with it in different ways. I’ve found staying positive and being creative with my time has helped to make this experience better. Another thing that has helped me deal with being in Quarantine is keeping up my beauty regimen. It’s made me feel better about starting a new day. I wanted to share with you some products that I’ve loved during quarantine.

The Body Shop Banana Body Butter

This body butter was a limited edition product. The thing about limited edition products is that you can feel like you didn’t buy enough even when you stock up on products. This was the case with this body butter for me. I bought it almost 2 years ago for $5 and I remember buying about 3 or 4 and here I am, trying to use this product sparingly because it’s my last one. 😦 I love the scent of banana’s because I find it rare and it reminds me of jello’s banana pudding. Other than the limited edition scent, The Body Shop body butters are cruelty-free and very moisturizing.

Gourmand Perfume in the Scent Coconut 

I usually stay away from anything coconut because it clogs pores but this perfume has changed how I view coconut scents. The scent is very light which is probably because it is a Parfum en l’eau. This perfume is limited to Urban Outfitters store so unfortunately it can’t be bought online. I have been combining it with the body cream from the body shop and the scent is amazing. The scent of coconut and banana’s reminds me of tropical vacation.

Biore Sunscreen

I never knew Biore made sunscreen until I saw a makeup artist recommend this sunscreen on her Instagram live. I love this sunscreen because the consistency is a gel which causes it to feel very lightweight on the skin. The sunscreen doesn’t give a white cast as long as you use it sparingly. So I think it would be great for POC. The sunscreen also has hyaluronic acid which is good for hydration. I bought this sunscreen from Amazon and I believe it ships from Japan which probably explains the PA+++ rating. PA rating was created in Japan to show how sunscreen protects against UVA rays. So by Japan’s standards, this PA rating is pretty high. I would say that this product was also good for diminishing dark spots. I think this has to do with the PA rating and just using sunscreen in general.

The Ordinary Makeup Remover

This is one of the best makeup removers I’ve ever used and I love the fact that it’s super affordable. It comes in a tube which is convenient and not messy. The consistency is thick but turns into an oil when you rub your hands together. I like that this product doubles as a cleanser and makeup remover. After double cleansing, I find that there is no makeup left on my face. 

Mega Foods Blood Builder

Blood Builder by Mega food is a vegetarian vitamin. I use it as my iron pill but I like that it doesn’t just have iron but other vitamins as well such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. My doctor’s recommended that I take orange juice with iron so that my body would absorb the full benefit of the iron but the Vitamin C helps to absorb the iron for you. So I can just take this with water instead. The pill also doesn’t make you constipated like most iron pills.

Texture ID Multi-Mousse

The Texture ID brand is new to me. I saw a few youtube videos on their styling cream which people used as a styling gel for a slick ponytail. It didn’t give me the hold I needed to but I love their muli-styling foam. I love this foam because it gives me styling options. It can be used as a heat protectant, wash and go, braid out or twist out. I’ve only used it for a twist out and heat protectant. It did a good job as a heat protectant, a little bit went a long way. Although the style only lasted me about 2 days, I really loved it for a twist out because it gave a lot of volume. I think this foam would provide a lot of definition for a wash and go but I don’t think it would make the wash and go last the whole week because it has a light hold.

A twist-out I did using the Texture ID foam

The Universe Has Your Back

I’ve been meaning to read this book since last year but I thought now was a good time to read it considering I needed something that would give me some hope during this time. It felt like everywhere I turned there was negative news about the virus. I liked the title of this book because I anticipated that the book would make me feel supported and everything would be just fine. (Lmao corny, I know) I feel like when I read this book I should’ve had a highlighter and pen because Gabrielle gave some really good advice on positivity that I would like to apply more of in my life. This book also touches on spiritual awareness and having faith. I think it’s a good book to refer to when you have a bad day or your having a hard time.

There was a chapter in the book where Gabrielle talked about being guided by the universe. She used a personal example of a time when she and her husband wanted to purchase a house that was right for them. A spiritual adviser told them to look for a sign and Gabrielle used a butterfly as her sign to know that she was choosing the right house. While driving home from an open house, Gabrielle saw a butterfly in the rearview mirror of her car.

Her story inspired me to try when it came to my career. I have a few career fields that I’m interested in but I did not feel confident in my choices. I decided that I wanted the universe to let me know if I was choosing the right things and I used an elephant as my sign.

But then I started worrying.

How was I going to see an elephant? We’re inside, the only time I get to be in contact with nature is on my daily walks and I live in the suburbs. I don’t even follow animal pages on my social media.

Two days later, I was on the discover page of Tik Tok and randomly pressed on the first video. The video below was what I saw.

An Elephant Sanctuary

And then I also went on instagram right after and saw this post on my time line.

This made me realize that I really had nothing to worry about especially since my sign showed up two- fold.

Kate Somerville Bio Mimicking Peptides Serum

I tried this serum when it came in my Boxy Charm box for February. This was my first time trying a serum but it convinced me that serums are definitely something I should add to my skincare routine. I saw a difference in my skin within the week that I started using it. I have very textured skin and it made my skin really smooth. As I was doing more research on the serum and realized it was $129 on Sephora, I saw that it had some really good ingredients such as Chicory leaf extract which is an alternative to retinol. One of the benefits of the chicory leaf is it’s good for pores and skin texture. 

That’s the end of my list of beauty products that I’ve enjoyed during quarantine. Let me know, what products have you been loving during quarantine? Has being in quarantine introduced you to any new products? 

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