Makeup Tips That Have Nothing To Do With The Products You Use

If your on the beauty side of Instagram, I’m sure your timeline and explore page is filled with many pictures, igtv’s and reels of so many beauty products. It can feel like you’re left out if you don’t have the latest product. I used to believe the products you used were really what made your makeup good. But I’ve come to realize that products aren’t the only thing that make your makeup and pictures come out great. Here are 5 makeup tips that have nothing to do with the products that you use. 

Picture from @seattlemuarenee

Do your makeup in good lighting

Lighting is probably one of the most important things when it comes to makeup application. Bad lighting can really hinder how your pictures come out because they can be unflattering and applying your makeup in bad lighting can throw off how your makeup comes out as well. Natural lighting is one of the best options because it shows the truest tones of the colours you’re using. Taking pictures in natural lighting also come out really nice as well, it’s my personal favourite. Another good option is a ring light. I personally haven’t used a ring light before. I recently bought a ring light on Amazon and I’m waiting for it to get here in the mail. But I have heard that it can be good for taking photos when you don’t have the best lighting.

There are also other lighting systems that vary in pricing. One of them being Glamcor which is on the higher end scale.

Tip: taking pictures during golden hour is also one of the best things you can do. Pictures come out really nice and golden light really helps to make makeup look smoother and is especially flattering on deeper skintones. 

Take your time

I know for me, I noticed that I would rush my makeup application because I had a self clock that I wanted to beat. When I look back at those photos there were minor mistakes that I could’ve been eliminated had I taken my time and really paid attention to what I was doing. That’s why my second tip is take to your time when applying your makeup. You’ll be able to see what needs more blending, where you can add a little more or take away less. The best feeling is when you put time into something and the result comes out amazing. 

Make makeup application a self-care ritual

Applying makeup as a self-care ritual gives you something to look forward to. Sometimes it’s not just about the products you use but the extra time you spend on yourself can really elevate your mood and make you feel like you can take on the world. Using makeup as a self care rituals should include you focusing on something positive while doing your makeup. I used to love listening to audiobooks while I applied my makes up. It helped me reach my goal for how many books I’d like to read in a year and it was nice to do two of my favourite things at the same time. You can also listen to a church sermon, empowering music or music that makes you feel good, get ready with your favourite YouTuber or even listen to affirmations. For example, if you’re trying to attract abundance into your life, you can find some on youtube.

Do your makeup on your phone

 I know what you’re thinking, why would I do my makeup on my phone instead of using a mirror and here’s the reason why. If you want your pictures to come out bomb, doing your makeup on your phone allows you to see how your pictures are going to look ahead of time. So if you like the look of what you’re getting on your phone, there’s a 100% guarantee that your pictures will come out great. Another good tip is to use the back camera to take pictures instead of the front. iPhones always have a better back camera because there are more mega pixels in the back camera than the front which makes for better quality.

Focus on techniques 

Don’t get me wrong makeup products do make your makeup come out better. But not everyone wants to spend an arm and a leg on makeup all the time. This is why you focus on how you apply your makeup and finding the best techniques for you. Your technique can really make your face look like it’s worth a million bucks. I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve seen a thumbnail on YouTube, click on the video to find out the person only used drugstore products. I’ve also seen people use very high-end products and their makeup come out trash. This is why you really want to focus more on techniques because if you don’t know how to apply it, it can end up working against you. I think if there’s anything you want to invest in, it’d be good brushes although you can find affordable brushes that apply makeup really well too. A good recommendation is Morphe which has every brush that you could ever need for makeup application and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Nyx too. 

So as you can see, amazing makeup application isn’t just about having the most expensive makeup bag. Other things contribute to your makeup coming out fire! What are some of your makeup tips that don’t have to do with buying new products?

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