Products I loved in 2019

Buff Her Exfoliator

Why I loved it: I loved this exfoliator because it really helped with skin texture. The exfoliator is made with rice powder which is a gentle for the skin. Aside from the product, I love that the product is hand made, black-owned and the brand has multiple flavours to choose from and for multiple skin types

Dermologica Exfoliator

Why I loved it: I’m someone with really oily skin. I noticed after using this product for sometime that my skin was less oily. It also helped to reduce skin texture and reduce the size of my pores. The top of the packaging has a small opening which is very convenient because it allows you to control how product you want to dispense at a time.

Fenty Beauty Bronzer

Why I loved it: I’m a die-hard fan of Fenty beauty! I always look forward to the products they come out with each year and they never disappoint. Last year, the bronzer they came out with was a winner for me. The octagon shape is theme in Fenty beauty’s branding. I use the shade Coco Naughty. I love this shade because it has a neutral undertone.

Jackie Aina x ABH palette

Why I loved it: I have to say, this, is my favourite product of 2019 or probably this decade. An actual eyeshadow palette that is formulated for black women, I stan! I love this palette so much because other than the fact that I’m a huge Jackie Aina fan, the colours she choose for the palette are very wearable. It has a good mixture of colours that can be worn for an every day look and pops of colours such as the purple, pinks and reds. Overall, I think it’s such a beautiful palette that definitely gets a lot of love in my collection.

Huda Beauty Nude Palette

Why I loved it: Before the Jackie Aina Palette came out, I was always reaching for this palette. I’d been really wanting a palette with a pink colour scheme and the nude palette did just that. I loved that the palette has a variety of textures from mattes, shimmers, multi-reflective shadows and glitters. My only thing with this palette was that I wished there were a few deeper shades for darker-skinned WOC.

Velour Lashes Lash Glue

Why I loved it: I’ll admit, I’m not the best lash applier. I put on the glue and then try to get it on my lash as fast as I can. Eventually, the corners start to pop off at the ends or I just can’t get it exactly on my lash line. The Velour lash glue has been amazing for me. The applicator makes it easy to apply on the lash and it’s easy to clean my lashes. It also lasts a pretty long time because it has a lot of product.

Laura Mercier Concealer

Why I loved it: This Concealer worked really well for me. It’s described as a medium coverage concealer. I like that because I enjoy building up the coverage. It also was easy to blend out and gave a smoothing effect to the fine lines under my eyes. I also liked that this concealer has a natural finish which is good for not drying out the under eye area. I do think that the shade range could be improved to include darker shades for different undertones.

Mac Lipglass

Why I loved it: My favourite Lip gloss is the MAC x Arianna Grande gloss that they made a few years ago. I’ve been hoping that MAC would relaunch it. The closest dupe that I’ve found is the colour Spite which is just a bit more opaque and a little darker than the Arianna Grande one. I also found a few other lip glosses from Mac that I loved such as Dangerous Curves and permission. I like the MAC lip glosses because they are opaque and the formula is thick which makes it long-wearing.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish

Why I loved it: One day I was scrolling through Instagram and fell upon @courtneybbeauty ‘s page. I really wanted to know what bronzer she used and saw that it was Sunpower by Mac. Ever since I’ve bought this bronzer, it’s been another fav for me. I love the warmth this bronzer gives my skin tone. Mac describes it as a natural dimensional finish and I’d have to agree.

Mielle Organics Deep Conditioner

Why I loved it: I used to be convinced that the thicker the conditioner the more moisturizing it is. The Babassu Oil and Mint Deep conditioner proved me wrong. This deep conditioner has a lightweight feel on the hair and is very moisturizing. I love that the deep conditioner also has protein to strengthen the hair too. The price of this product is also on the steep side but a little goes a long way. I’m always waiting for this product to go on sale.

Edge Booster Edge Control

Why I loved it: This edge control has really raised the standard. When have you ever heard of an edge control lasting 2 days??? I’ll wait! I remember the first time I used this edge control and tied my head up for the night, the next day my edges were still intact! I’ve never experienced this with an edge control before! I love that it’s a water-based edge control and it comes in at least 15 scents, so there’s a scent that everyone will love. I saw on instagram, they have a styling gel as well but unfortunately, it’s not available in Canada. I hope one day it is.

As I am Twist-Out Cream

Why I loved it: No matter what I do, I always get frizzy hair. I’ve learned to accept it but if I find a product that gives definition, I won’t be mad. The As-I-Am twist-out cream did that for me. It gave me nice definition for my twist outs. It’s also very affordable which is a bonus because it’s pretty difficult to find affordable hair products that use healthy ingredients for your hair in Canada. 

Juno & Co Sponge

Why I loved it: I really liked the Juno & Co sponge. It’s super soft and blends out product well too. I also love how it does a very good job of smoothing out product for my under eye area. It’s very affordable with 4 sponges for $22. I never thought I would find something that is comparable to the beauty blender but these sponges come pretty close. 

What went down at the Shea Moisture Pop-up

Yesterday, I went to the Shea moisture pop up. The Shea Moisture Pop up ran from July 30th-August 2nd. Each day had loads of activities to get involved in. From Soca Fitness classes, panel talks and hair masterclasses. The pop up itself couldn’t be missed because of the bright painted walls on the outside. When I went inside, I was offered a sample of a mask for signing in. I choose to try the Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Treatment Masque.

What the pop up looked like from the outside.

When I went upstairs, there were about 4 stylist doing various styles such as wash and go’s and braids. I really wanted to get my hair done but all the stylists were booked up. So I just went to the back of the shop where all the products were on sale for 30% off. All the lines that were at the shop were the ones sold at Walmart.

When deciding what product to buy, I asked one of the associates what she would recommend for frizzy hair. She said the Red Palm Curl Stretch Pudding would be good because the product was thick and would give good definition.

I didn’t want to get carried away at this event because I had products at home that I really wanted to finish first. And I usually like to finish one product that I like before trying another. So I went with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Shampoo.

After I purchased the shampoo, I went downstairs for the Natural Hair Masterclass.

The product lines at the pop up.

The Masterclass was done by Sister Scientist a chemical engineer who does product development for beauty brands. I was super excited about this event because I’ll never turn down a moment to learn something new, especially if it’s about hair. I really enjoyed the event because it had a scientific approach to hair. Everything I’ve learned about natural hair was through YouTube, so it was nice to hear a scientists opinion on how hair works.

Sister Scientist doing her thing!

At the Masterclass, your girl stayed taking notes so that I could share with you some of the things I learnt!

Start with the scalp

The first thing Sister Scientist talked about with mastering Natural hair is the scalp. The scalp is where hair growth starts so taking care of it will allow your hair to have optimal benefits from the root. One thing she suggested was using an exfoliator on the scalp to remove buildup. You could use something as simple as a toothbrush. (NOT the same one you use to brush your teeth.)

Density vs thickness

Another thing I learned was hair density vs thickness. Hair thickness has to do with the diameteor of hair, where as density is how much hair is in a section of hair. So just because you have high density doesn’t mean you have thick hair. Someone with a lot of hair just has dense hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

She also talked about how shampoo and conditioner affect the hair cuticle. Shampoo opens the cuticle to get it clean. Shampoos have a higher ph to do that. Conditioner on the other hand has a lower ph which closes the cuticle. The best time to manipulate hair is when the cuticle is closed because it reduces breakage. Her suggestion was not to detangle hair after shampoo because the cuticle is still open.

Alcohol is good!

The last thing I wanted to share was about alcohols. I always thought alcohols were bad for the hair because the thought of what alcohol actually is and the image of putting that in my hair leaves a bad image in my mind and also because alcohols dry out the hair. But today I learned that there are actually good alcohols and guess what? They moisturize your hair!

Overall I really enjoyed this event hosted by Shea Moisture. I loved that I got chance to get discounted products and learn about how hair products work in my hair.

Let me know! Have you tried Shea Moisture? And if so, what’s your favourite product line?

Sidenote: I would’ve loved to show you pictures of the products I got, but I lost them on the bus ride home!

Welcome to the Blog!

Hey, I’m Ruth and thank you for stopping by my blog!

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Blogging has been something I’ve really wanted to try for a little over a year now. I knew I wanted to create a blog about my natural hair journey but  I was really conflicted on where to start, what to write about and how to structure a blog post. I took a blogging course for my program at school last year and loved it! I loved that blogging gave me the freedom to express how I felt about different topics and I enjoyed reading my classmates blogs on topics that interested them too. I also love how blogging gives everyone a space to show their unique take on the world.

On my blog, I plan to talk about things I’m really passionate about. Be prepared to see my favourites when it comes to makeup, hair products and also books I really love or a life lesson that I’ve learned too.

Through this blog, I hope to become a better writer and have more confidence to try other writing projects.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much I enjoy writing it and please feel free to share any suggestions you have for blog posts you’d like to see, or comment your take on the topics I post about too!

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