A thought piece on Race, Police Brutality and Accountability

The video was circulating on instagram but I couldn’t watch it. George Floyd was murdered by a villain named Derek Chauvin. Chauvin sunk his knee into George’s neck, due to a racial profiling incident that George was using counterfeit money at a corner store. It seemed like the more George gasped that he couldn’t breathe,Continue reading “A thought piece on Race, Police Brutality and Accountability”

Beauty Essentials during Quarantine

It’s been 2 months since the world shut down. Quarantine has been a very interesting time and everyone has been dealing with it in different ways. I’ve found staying positive and being creative with my time has helped to make this experience better. Another thing that has helped me deal with being in Quarantine isContinue reading “Beauty Essentials during Quarantine”

Salon Quality products at Drugstore Pricing-Review of the Mo Knows Hair Products

Last year, I was super excited to hear that Mo Knows hair was coming out with her own product line. Mo Knows Hair is a pioneer in the Natural Hair industry. I’ve been watching her videos way before I became a natural myself. As a lover of anything informative, Mo has been one of myContinue reading “Salon Quality products at Drugstore Pricing-Review of the Mo Knows Hair Products”

Is it Curly hair friendly?- Review on the Amika SuperNova Moisture and Shine Cream

I recently signed up for Boxy Charm and this month I got a primer from Pur Cosmetics, a set of makeup sponges from Luxie, Moda Brushes eyeshadow brushes and a styling cream from Amika. I was first introduced to the Amika brand on the Sephora app and the packaging caught my eye. I was browsingContinue reading “Is it Curly hair friendly?- Review on the Amika SuperNova Moisture and Shine Cream”

Products I loved in 2019

Buff Her Exfoliator Why I loved it: I loved this exfoliator because it really helped with skin texture. The exfoliator is made with rice powder which is a gentle for the skin. Aside from the product, I love that the product is hand made, black-owned and the brand has multiple flavours to choose from andContinue reading “Products I loved in 2019”

What went down at the Shea Moisture Pop-up

Yesterday, I went to the Shea moisture pop up. The Shea Moisture Pop up ran from July 30th-August 2nd. Each day had loads of activities to get involved in. From Soca Fitness classes, panel talks and hair masterclasses. The pop up itself couldn’t be missed because of the bright painted walls on the outside. WhenContinue reading “What went down at the Shea Moisture Pop-up”

Welcome to the Blog!

Hey, I’m Ruth and thank you for stopping by my blog! Blogging has been something I’ve really wanted to try for a little over a year now. I knew I wanted to create a blog about my natural hair journey but  I was really conflicted on where to start, what to write about and howContinue reading “Welcome to the Blog!”

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